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PhotoGraV has been designed specifically for Laser Engravers.

PhotoGraV simulates more than 20 engraving materials including: cherry and walnut wood; clear and black-painted acrylic; black laser brass and anodized aluminum; a variety of generic leather materials; and many plastics with either a white or black core and with a variety of caps including brushed gold and most solid colors.

PhotoGraV's processing functions have been tuned and optimized for each of these materials and the appropriate optimized parameters are automatically loaded whenever a new material is selected.

PhotoGraV automatically compensates for the engraving peculiarities of each material in the process of creating the "engraver-ready" processed image.
For example, photos to be engraved on clear acrylic are automatically mirror-imaged and produced at a "negative" polarity. Of course, you can override these automatic features at any time to produce special effects if so desired.

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